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Aroma Massage

Outcall/Incall  Aroma Massage in Tokyo & when touring

Oiran Ai Sakura's Omotenashi Aroma Spa

Loving romantic Massage, esthetic course, dating and GFE vacation like a honeymoon.

Romantic, Romance Heaven, Healing, Safe and Positive Relaxation…

Peaceful mind deditation

Aroma Spa (over 10 types of aroma oils)

I hope that you will also consider lunch, dinner, drinks and dating at your hotel or home.

Stylish hotel drinks, dinner and Champagne in Tokyo or overseas is possible like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, US, Italy, Paris, Monaco.

I can fly to you from Ginza Tokyo for 3 days. Over 1 week is possible too. If you are in the same city as me, you can choose between 1H 〜24H. You can choose a few hours in Tokyo or you can meet with me on tour.

It's a special Princess hostess love for you to make a vacation for taking off tired and heeling recovery. Positive vibes. You can sleep and relax. When I stay at your place close to you, you can try short cocktails or an overnight is possible too.

Booking a Reservation?

I will need  your name,TEL, Adress of Hotel or house room number, start time, clothing requests and  which you would prefer, relaxing with quiet silent calm lady or enjoying conversation, partying together?

Some of the things we can do.

Meet (at 5 star hotel or your house) Please provide payment before service when we meet or prepay online

Tour together. Drink & eat. We enjoy meal together.

Bath together.  Massage in Bath. Take the aroma of your choice in the bath. Good for peaceful mind, deep relaxation, diet, detox and beautiful skin. In romantic bath, I will massage you. I can also give you your shampoo if you want to.

Aroma massage in bed (We wear a gown together and go to bed) Sleep together After Romance. Keep going Romance Dating

Men's Esthetic Option

(Reservation required before request when you’re booking from reservation page)

If you are tired, please let me know when you booking 1st time. I can silently calm you down and give a smile and quality massage for you too!!!

You can choose and I can make your own blend from more than 10 different aromas.

You can choose whether you want a calm time with a quiet aroma therapist hostess and you want to sleep today or play like a party companion. I will be considerate of your feelings so please let me know request how you want to play today when you make a reservation.

We celebrate with Champagne or non-alcoholic juice that we can meet today! Eat meals together at a restaurant or if you are really tired, room service. After drinks and meals we will go to bathe together. Let's choose a bath aroma or bath bomb, it will be a very romantic time.

If you bring  "your own aroma oil "  I can use it for your body. If you pre request at reservation, you can change oil to aroma cream and I can make a good pack of Japanese esthetic cream, goo for facial, back, and foot massage.

If you would like cosplay please request ahead of time as it will be heavy to carry. For any extra requests, please let me know when pre-booking. (If you make a reservation on the day, it will be a only basic aroma set you can enjoy)

For the Esthetic full package course, you will need over 2 hours. You may fall asleep but when you wake up your body will feel really light, like a feather. Your skin will feel like a baby’s skin and will feel younger with anti-aging benefits. Refreshing feeling and refresh air, spread upon the beautiful world.

It's not only romantic but such a relaxing feeling that you can have a good sleep. My recommendation is this modeling package. This is really good for a diet and you can choose the trainer stretch of Oiran Ai Sakura Special Personal Training.

We can go to all world of pool together, resort, entertainment, desert camel, driving, bar, or we can sleep together.

If you want to do a more VIP romantic activity, please ask me about options after we meet.

Option Cosplay (need prepayment and advanced preparation and carrying are required.)

All countries...

Swimming wear

Sexy lingerie

Beigee pantyhose


Long Dress

Short Dress etc...

If  in Tokyo available Kimono dating too...

Oiran Light Gown

Oiran Kimono

Selapist clothes

Sexy lingerie garter belt

or if you bring me clothes, I will wear your present.

Please let me know of any requests.