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High Class Japanese Elegant Model Outcall GFE CLUB JEC club for Elite

Spoil me

Spoil me

I am always happy to receive tips, it makes me happy and I really appreciate it. If you give me a tip, I buy something special for you and I want to pay to go to school and beauty salons for advanced learning and natural beauty.

I also particularly love receiving an e-gift card to my email


Another simple gift is a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling juice and this is always a great way to begin our Romantic Date!

The best Spoil me:

I really want an luxury tower apartment or house in the middle of city! It's a pretty eternal proof of love and turns out to be a lover or mistress. Of course if you give me luxury house we can keep going with our cozy relationship.

If you give me that, I want to do cooking and sports, home parties with my friends, making small safe, beautiful and healthy company, going to school.  Actually I want to be a rich housewife someday.

Luxury hotel ticket:

I always thinking how can I keep beautiful face, body and mind and I value bath time for beauty and my diet. So, the Luxury hotel long-term stay ticket is also nice as relaxing spa pool and we will learn the romance elegance at the bar and image training on what kind of nice future and romantic time we can have.

Jewellery, Rings:

If present is luxury thing, I hope present a pear thing with you, because a ring and a watch are meanings of sharing it in the time for life. It is proved the love even if afar.

World’s First All Diamond Ring


Graff ring

My rental house is in Ginza I looked in this shop at Peninshula hotel that’s my Incall tokyo place Ginza and Ginza Romantic road.



Audemars Piguet

I know Audemars Piguet 15452OR.ZZ.1258OR.02

Patek Philippe

I know Patek Philippe that popular promoter host Youtuber Roland become Ambassador. In Japan, entrepreneurs who have become entertainers from the night world or Youtuber are now. It's impact individuality give a shock, longing for all young people.







I don't know much about others, so if you give it, I will wear it.


If you give me clothes I wear everything.


Every brand is nice! Handing it I will love it, you choose. I know LVMH, Kering group, Red Carpet performance. I am impressed by producer, designer and Hollywood actress model like a Brad Pitt Brioni CM, Chanel CM...It's a world of longing as performance love.

While gifts are not expected, they are always genuinely appreciated. Like any special lady, I am very intrigued with a gentleman that takes time out of his busy life to get something extra special for me.

My details:

Height 158cm

3 size B85 W57 H83

Dress Japanese size M,

Dress America size XS. Small size.

Bra size Top 85 cm E65 cm cup. (US maybe 30E)

Stockings size small.

Heel size Japanese 23.5cm M size.


I don't even know what is good Shoes and heels,could you tell me what is best for me? I know only Gucci shoes.


Chanel handbags are always nice


Every dress is nice! If you give me dress when we meet I will wear that and put on blog or Instagram.


Yuri Casablanca - I display a big flower in the room everyday.

Roses - I like Roses bath.


I have no idea yet. If you give me I will put it on. I wear the scent of flowers that " disappears immediately" is attached for manner.


After all, I'm most happy with the tower apartment in the city centre and TIP at Tokyo. We can enjoy together peaceful minds. My friends can come, I can try many thing with peaceful mind. It doesn't matter if we can create a happy future and memories together.

I am looking forward to seeing you