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 Tokyo              Dubai              Italy               New York              Paris

How would friends best describe your personality?

Bright, romantic, dreamy, friendly, honest, elegant, classy, fun, charming, courageous and positive.

What is your favourite qualities in a gentleman?

Bright, charisma, kindness, warmth, humour and intelligence. A high-quality first-class person. Respectful and romantic.

What are your favourite flowers?

All flowers are nice! Yuri, Kasabulanka and Roses. Roses are always displayed in my room in Tokyo.

What is your favourite drink?

Armand de brignac


What are your favourite colours?

Pink, white and gold.

What star sign are you?

It’s a secret. After repeated bookings, I will tell you.

What is your favourite music?

Relaxation heeling music, Aukestla, Hip hop, Paris Jazz.... yeah... Every music nice!

What is your favourite movie?

Prety woman. Mr & Mrs.

Who are your favourite celebrities?

Salma Hayek, Tenchimu, Xjapan yoshiki

I like foreign romance movies. My English isn't very good yet, but we can still enjoy a romantic time together!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like imaging a bright future, self-promotion and I have an aspiration to acquire new knowledge and skills. I am very curious and like foreign countries and different cultures. I always want to be in love.

I'm fascinated by the Elite Travel GFE hostess because of my love affair of the lifestyle. It's so fantastically romantic. I want to be happy in this industry

What do you do to stay in shape?

Japan is famous for hot springs, bathing and Jacuzzis for couples to relax in and stay healthy. I really value long aromatic bath time for diet and beautiful skin everyday at house too. For skin and detox I put bath bombs or aroma in the bath, so we can relax comfortably. My bath is special luxuary for me.

My aroma massage is really relaxing and very good for diet and beautiful skin. It's very special for you. I do training and hot yoga many times a week, sometimes jogging and when I stay alone, I eat a lot of fruits too. Strawberry, pineapple,,oranges for beautiful body shape and skin. If you like,why don't you and I enjoy a bath together for.

What is your favourite city?

Tokyo is the best! Odaiba, Marunouchi, Ginza and Roppongi.

My house is close to Ginza now. I like  Tokyo 5 star hotels, I like some Dubai 7 star, Abu Dhabi and New York  too. Whenever I go there I am so happy. I have never been but I am interested in visiting Paris, Rome, Italy, Monaco and some island etc… If you take me anywhere, It would be so exciting! Climate temperature 5 to 38 degrees is good. Please take me to any place you like.

What is your favourite vacation destination?

I haven't been to all the world yet so please take me to a nice resort anywhere you want to go to.

What is your favourite cuisine?

I love Tepanyaki steak too much, French cuisine, afternoon tea at a 5 star hotel and anything adventurous too. I especially like 5 star restaurants: Steak, caviar, potato salad and drinking beautiful cocktails. Champagne, whiskey, sparkling juice. I will get drunk quickly, so please stop up to one bottle, or 3 cocktails. What is your favourite cuisine? Please take me to places and restaurants that you like!

What are your hobbies?

I have many hobbies!!

English, sports, tennis, camel riding in the desert, swimming pools, and cooking delicious Tepanyaki. Now I am interested in  creating websites and designig and I hope we can enjoy new hobbies together.

My hobbies also include training for beauty body, cooking, playing with small dog (toy poodle, chihuahua). Going to amazing restaurants, aspirations for the skills and qualifications I want to acquire, and I love cosmetology exercises, modelling activities, talking with people. Improving my mind and playing parties with friends. I'm looking for safe and natural cosmetic surgery and dreaming of a day when it will be even more beautiful.

What are your turn offs?

I am sorry but those who discount the starting price and ask for anal may be blocked. Be careful. Thank you for corporation.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

I want to create a beautiful romance story with you.  Every client booking makes me so happy.

If you want to meet me, please could you send me a simple and short text about the booking, stating a clear reservation place and time!

I will go gladly meet you when you confirm your reservation.

Incall is in Tokyo, Outcall to travel oversea is OK.

Let's spend a Romantic time together!

Please make a reservation and call me.